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Always love a little bit of the candy for a special treat!

I've always loved maple candy, and especially love yours as it's just maple, not added other kinds of junk. Just LOVE the maple flavor, as it melts on my tongue. Never can buy as much as I'd like to, with funds being limited cause of living on my hubby's VA disability, but I get what I can afford...and I try to share with my Dad if I can afford enough, as he's a big fan of maple too!

Grade B fan for life!

I just LOVE your Grade B syrup! I can't afford to buy tons, with living on my hubbies VA disability, but I try to once or twice a year and just love the grade's stronger maple flavor, and also somehow doesn't seem to mess with my blood sugar as much, so it feels like I've had to much sugar...which is a win win for me! I can never get enough maple flavor...and to be able to use it without the massive sugar rush is fantastic! Don't know if it works that way for everyone...but sure does for me!

LOVE this maple cream!

I keep thinking that it would be wonderful to top some cinnamon rolls with this, but darn it, never manage to do it cause I eat it all before I get any made! This is one of my favorite things...and I always try to treat myself with a jar of it, if I can afford to when I order more syrup. I have no idea what others use this for...but personally so far I've only ever managed to eat it by the spoonful! LOL Granted, I don't get to buy near what I'd like to of it, as we live on my hubby's VA disability only buy syrup once or twice a year...but wow, if you haven't tried this, you really HAVE to if you are a maple fan, cause it's absolutely wonderful!

Best maple syrup for homemade ice cream!

I learn so much from the regular newsletters that come from Mount Mansfield about their products. In one of the newsletters they had suggested trying the light version of their maple syrup for homemade ice cream. Until now, I had been using an organic dark version from a different supplier. I enjoy using maple syrup to sweeten vanilla ice cream, but found that the dark flavor was too strong and could conflict with other flavors I would try to add for different ice cream recipes. I tried the Mount Mansfield light organic maple syrup and my vanilla ice cream was pure perfection. Best homemade vanilla ice cream I have ever made. The flavor profile was absolutely perfect. Now, I can make other flavored ice creams using this base without having to worry about flavor conflicts. I am predicting a yummy summer of fabulous homemade ice cream thanks to Mount Mansfield!

Golden Vermont Syrup

The golden syrup is 10 star gold. It has a very good taste, different from store bought syrup.

The Best

We have been buying Vermont PureMaple Syrup for 10+ years. It is simply the best. We have had 0 problems with ordering, receiving and quality.

Best granola I have ever had!!

The best granola that I’ve ever had in my life will definitely order again!

Arrived Promptly

And is as tasty as ever!

Absolutely love this candy!

We totally cut out cane sugar in our house and this is the perfect candy when you are craving something sweet. It has an amazing texture and I always make my friend try it so they order it as well.

Simply amazing!

We love this syrup and this size is so convenient for our family of 6!


You maple cream is to die for!

Bourbon and Maple Syrup, the best.

My favorite Maple Syrup. I enjoy using it with my Belgian waffles, Homemade pancakes and with Bourbon Cocktails.

Maple drop candies

I bought 5 bags so I could share with my sister. She had tasted some at my house and loved them! She carries some in her purse at all times. They are delicious and help soothe a "scratchy" throat!

Perfect on top of steel cut Irish oatmeal. Sprinkle some on after you microwave so the flakes remain their crunch. My new favorite!

The best!

I love this maple syrup so much that I now get in the gallon size! Such amazing taste!


The best maple cream I have ever tasted. I give it as gifts, send it to family members and keep myself well supplied. My young grandchildren love it and I feel good they are eating a healthy sweet treat.

Best maple syrup ever!!

This syrup is by far the most delicious maple syrup I have ever bought. My kids will only have the real thing not the cheap stuff from the grocery store and they have been obsessed with this since my first purchase. I buy three jugs at a time for it to last. So happy my friend introduced me to this!! Will never buy a different syrup ever.

Tea use

It changes the taste of the Teas I drink .so I do not use it in my teas Will try it in the pan cakes this week and will let you know we have been in southeast
Alaska the past several days Now the packaging It needs to be about 1/2 inch taller and double Ziploc lock in stead of the single the double allows one to close the bag easier. The 1/2 inch taller allow one to grab it better, and the bag does not tear well (Cheers Bruce)

Love it

This is my favorite Maple Syrup! You know it’s from Vermont not some other country! The taste is wonderful!


Brings back childhood memories of upper NYState. A treat right from the farm who made it.

English muffin

I love the cream on a toasted English muffin with coffee

The best syrup out there

Top shelf syrup! Only Maple syrup brand I know of that recognizes early run quality and markets it as such.

Best Maple syrup ever

I have tried and enjoyed many other maple syrups but this is by far the best.
Shipping is so fast, even to my home on the West Coast. I have chosen auto delivery so I don’t ever run out.