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Organic Pure Vermont Maple Cream
april g. (Seattle, US)

I love that is organic 100%
pure maple no added anything else. thank you
very much♡♡♡

Organic Chocolate Maple Mochaccino
Frank J. (Middletown, US)
Loved IT

Didn't know what to expect when I added this to my maple syrup order. WOW, I loved it. Will absolutely purchase again.

Organic Pure Vermont Maple Cream
Paula J. (Milwaukee, US)

Organic Pure Vermont Maple Cream

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup- Plastic Jug
Robert G. (Des Plaines, US)
Simply the best

There is no better company to buy real Vermont maple syrup. The dark is the best ! Have ordered a few times alreay. 1/2 gallon last a good while.

Great product, great service

Really enjoying the delicious syrup and great service.

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Edward S. (Centreville, US)
Vermont maple candy

The product has the best flavor of any other maple surger candy. Been ordering this product for a couple years now.

Good quality organic maple syrup!

I enjoy it very much and use it for every recipe.

Excellent stuff on my vanilla ice cream!

Best Maple syrup in New England. I've been a customer for years and will always be.
Quality syrup with an awesome group of professional people.

Our favorite!

We are Northern transplants in the South, and we raised our children to be maple syrup/sugar/candy/chocolate snobs. After trying many other pure maple products, Mansfield has become the only place we will order from - for about a decade now. Nothing compares!

Good Grief, this stuff is amazing!

Every time I try something new from this wonderful maple company, I'm blown away. I spent 40+ years using subpar maple. This syrup is a revelation. It's thick, silky, complex, and so versatile. I wish I were better able to capture the flavor in words but some things must be tasted to be appreciated. I will never be without Mansfield Maple syrup again.

All things maple

I have been a customer for a little over a year and can’t say enough good things about their product and customer service. I have my whole extended family supporting them as well! great Company, amazing Customer Service, they are responsible and their product is amazing!

Infused Organic Vermont Maple Cream
Customer (Grand Junction, US)

This product is legit. The texture is amazing and the sweetness is just right!


Mansfield Maple syrup is absolute perfection! Whatever grade you prefer, it’s
the most wonderful syrup we’ve ever tried. I discovered their syrup many years ago
buying Christmas trees in Jericho. Back then, Joan basically hand delivered my jugs to the gift shop for me to pick up during the summers. Even though we now live in Washington state, I’ll continue to have it shipped here, and to other family members. No others come close to the fabulous flavor!
Also love the Mansfield weekly newsletters. Miss Vermont so much!

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Lisa S. (Egg Harbor, US)

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy

First Run Organic Maple Syrup
Calvin Y. (Cape Coral, US)

Wow! I am no maple syrup connoisseur. I’ve just been buying the only option that Aldi has. This is definitely better! Of course price will be on a lot of people’s minds like it was mine. In my opinion the extra cost (and really not that much more, the stores around here (FL) that have a larger selection, Mansfield would not be the most costly) is well worth it. You get a superior product & you get to support a small business. A win win as far as I’m concerned. Also our kids love it! I will be back for more syrup when this runs out!

First Run Organic Maple Syrup
Cindy O. (Midland, US)
Plan to order every year!

We love Mount Mansfield Maple products! Everything about them has been perfect for us. Love the website with tree orchard and production details.

Awesome Maple Syrup & Generosity

This is my second year buying the Generosity edition of the Mount Mansfield Maple Syrup. I came back looking for it because it is such a high quality syrup & I love that Mount Mansfield Maple Products provides this bottle to give back to the community for various areas of need. This year’s choice is especially critical since funding goes to the Vermont Flood Relief & Recovery Fund. So many people are still in need & how generous that Mount Mansfield is providing this supportive opportunity to help them.

A Wonderful Touch of Vermont

The Maple Sampler makes such a wonderful gift. I have ordered several for friends because the syrup is high quality, the packaging & labeling provide a delightful presentation, and the sampler allows for a fun way to try a variety of tastes in the syrup. I highly recommend it.

Deliciously addictive !

I just love your maple syrup, it’s like no other !
I wish you had some kind of recycling policies, allowing for instance to send back -free of charge via a return slip- the emptied jugs with the guarantee of a discount on the next order.
Just saying…

We have considered offering a bottle return option. Unfortunatly, when you factor in the return shipping costs and logistics as well as our food safety standards, there just isn't a feasible way it would work. The good news is, there are a few things you can do wtih your empty syrup jugs to reuse them at home.

The glass bottles make great vases or storage containers for small items and candy. They can also be washed out and used to make your own extracts. You just need vanilla beans, coffee beans, maple syrup or anything else you'd like to extract and vegetable glycerin or a high proof vodka. The process is really simple and the results are wonderful. Here is a link to get you started. https://thestayathomechef.com/how-to-make-homemade-extracts/

The plastic bottles can be used as watering cans, cut down to make a scoop for birdseed, or even made into a bird feeder or birdhouse! There are several ways to do this, and a quick google search will give you plenty of options.


First Run Organic Maple Syrup
Myron E. (Parrish, US)
Love this syrup

We. really lke this "First Run" Maple Syrup from Mansfield. The flavor is much lighter than later runs. However we enjoy them all. If its Mansfield you can get maple syrup exactly the way you prefer it.

CLOSEOUTS- Pure Vermont Maple Syrup- Glass Jug
Laurence R. (East Hartford, US)
Only The Best

The best customer service and maple syrup you will find. I have been a customer for a long time. Try Mansfield and you will be glad you did . I was born in Vermont and farmed and sugared as a boy and can say without reservation Mansfield sets the bar.

First Run Organic Maple Syrup
Ralph B. (Petal, US)
Wonderful syrup

I've used Mt Mansfield syrup for years. I usually buy the dark grade B because I like the heavier flavor. I use several gallons a year and have always been pleased with the quality and flavor.

First Run Organic Maple Syrup
Rebecca M. (Ashland, US)
Simply the best!!!

This was our first purchase from Mansfield Maple but will not be our last. The syrup was top notch, the maple cream was so creamy and the little maple candies just melt in your mouth. Besides the high quality everything was packaged so nicely. We will be a regular from now on. Also, we even got an email from Sarah thanking us for purchasing since this was our first purchase.

First Run Organic Maple Syrup
Charles H. (Tucson, US)
First Run

Love your syrup. Quality is excellent!

Glass bottle will be missed

Sorry to see the glass bottling go the wayside. I enjoy your syrup and especially the glass bottle.

Only the conventional syrup in glass is being discontinued. We will continue to offer the organic syrup in glass bottles.