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Great as throat lozenges

Love them as candy, but they are great throat lozenges also!

Great product and value

Very tasty bursting with flavor

Excellent product and delivery!

We’ll worth every penny…try it !

Pure Maple Goodness

Simply delightful - so creamy, you'll be glad you did.

Dreamiest cream ! ! !

This is "The Cream of the Crop" of Maple Creams!

By far the best Bar !

The best "candy bar" I've ever had


These maple candies are extremely well made and taste fantastic! I would recommend them to anyone who wants quality maple candy.

My brother sent me your syrup five years ago. He passed a few months ago. Larry Lambert. We love love love your syrup. Now we give it as gifts also. Excellent syrup.

Maple Hard Candy

Always a quick and prompt delivery, best maple candy I have ever purchased

Maple Drops Candy
Rinaldo S.
Best candy’s in the nation!!!

Great natural Maple 🍁 flavor, great for sweet cravings without consuming anything bad for you, look at the back label for amazing ingredients, all natural!!! Highly recommended!!!

Naturally Good

I have been using Vermont maple sugar instead of other kinds of sugar for years and like it much better. I intend to continue using it .

Sweet treat for a soldier

My son and I both crave and enjoy maple treats so he asked to have some sent to him while on deployment oversea. Best kind of natural organic treat you can enjoy and share with others and smile knowing you’re eating healthy

Awesome customer service

My wife and I were on vacation from Georgia to N.H. Sadly due to a hurricane, we had to cut our trip short. Our goal was to go to a Sugar farm to get maple syrup. After Googling possibilities that were on our route back to our airport, Mt. Mansfield Maple Products. came up as “close” and in our direction. When we arrived, I was really surprised to find there was no store. Ugh, we were really on a time limit too. Then, this really nice lady came out and asked if she could help. And, help she did. We were able to get some maple syrup, despite not having a store. Additionally, we also got a few candy treats “on the house”. I’m certainly looking forward to some pancakes. And, a nice memory of the people who helped us. Thank you!

Great Maple Products

This maple syrup is delicious, sweet and consistent. One of the best flavored maple syrups I have had. I appreciate the quality and the easy of online ordering the Mount Mansfield products. I’ll keep buying it if they keep making it!

Excellent quality and tasty

Great product

Your maple candy is the top of the line. I must admit that I tried Ben’s maple candy and was very disappointed. The price was right but the product was below standard. I’ll be a customer of yours till the end. Thanks for wonderful product.

Maple Drops Candy
Love these candies

Not too sweet, just right when you’re kicking back enjoying life

Almost TOO good!

These are the best maple candies I’ve ever had. So rich and creamy and just melt in your mouth. They are so good I had to hid them from the kids or they’d all be gone in one day!

Decadent and Delicious

This syrup is so rich, decadent, and utterly delicious! I not only use on pancakes and waffles but also love it drizzled over oatmeal, yogurt, and ice cream!

Maple Drops Candy
William S.
Love the drops

Hate the 10 day shipping. Especially in the summer.

Excellent Maple Syrup

Mount Mansfield maple syrup is the best and their coustomer service is great.
I use to order Vermont Grade A Dark Amber but they changed the grades. I ordered the Dark Robust thinking it would be the same but it is not. The Amber Rich is to light and the Dark Rubust is to dark. I wish Vermont had not change the grades.

excellent maple syrup

Excellent flavor, very light in color. Will buy again.

Scrumptious organic treats

My son and I have enjoyed the delight of treating ourselves to this tasty maple splendor knowing it’s delicious as well as organic and not full of processed fake crap like most things are today unfortunately. Don’t scrimp on the true original taste nature has given us.

Everything is amazing!

Don’t hesitate and order something today. We tried a wide variety and it was all fantastic especially the maple cream!!

Yummy yummy yummy

Love the crunchy clusters with lots of pecans and chocolate. Perfect way to start your day!