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I ordered the organic golden delicate maple syrup. It’s light and has delicious maple flavor. Arrived quickly and was packaged well. Will definitely continue to order from Mansfield.

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Michele F. (South Bend, US)
Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy

My 85 year old mother loves this candy. She did not know how to order any so I found your website and have been ordering it for her for years. She always tells me when she receives it and how fresh tasting it is and she has to make herself stop eating it because it has such a good taste. If you can make a believer out of her then you must be doing something right. Keep up the good work!

The Generosity Bottle- Vermont Flood Relief
Michael D. (Essex Junction, US)
Classy bottle

The thought for the purchase of bottle was where the money was going to help Vt flood victims.Nicely designed bottle and the contents were/are delicious.
Mike Devost

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Linda M. (Rio Rancho, US)
Almost too wonderful

I’m out of control on this stuff, if’s so good! I love the flavor and the texture on the tongue.

Can’t stop eating it!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup
Nichole D. (Woodstock, US)
Hot damn!!!

Very impressed. Makes one good old fashion!!! Thank you!

Delicious granola.

Love this granola. I had it with almond milk and it was very tasty. I like the good quality ingredients and freshness.

Shared the love

I love all the flavors and shared a bottle with several friends. Being organic is a huge plus!

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Bill S. (Sharon, US)
Only problem: too good

Arrived as promised: fresh, flavorful, tasty, and wonderful odor, too. Only problem: they are so good it is hard NOT to eat too many in one sitting.

The best ever!

These maple sugar flakes are the best. I love to sprinkle on yogurt or in a latte. Flakes look so pretty because they don’t dissolve immediately. I love them!!

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
David C. (Atlanta, US)
Mmm maple nectar

I have been enjoying maple 🍁 sugar candy ever since I went to a maple boil as a child. This is the best.

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Bob S. (Venice, US)
It doesn’t get any sweeter!

This organic maple sugar candy is pure delight with a velvety maple flavor.

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Christine W. (Omaha, US)
Simply the best!

I have been looking everywhere for this quality of pure maple candy. I found a 5-pack of another brand in a gift shop on vacation, and they were hard and not very flavorful. I kept searching online and stumbled across Mansfield, ordered several items, and found that their products are exceptional. This organic pure maple candy makes me sooooo happy. I have hidden the box, and savor one a day. It just doesn’t get any better. I bought the grands a box of their own for Valentines Day. Huge hit!

Enjoyed the bark and finished with a few days!

This is one item that we will buy again!

Can’t get enough

I bought the 14 oz size thinking I’d use maple sugar in a few random recipes, first being pumpkin pie. Omg it made the pie have a deep almost caramel flavor that made you want more pie even when you knew you were full. And on top of it the pie wasn’t overly sweet as I only needed to add 3/4 of a cup instead of the full cup.
Next I made oatmeal raisin cookies and I’m still getting compliments weeks later. It made the cookies taste buttery and again not overly sweet as I again cut down the amount I used. I highly recommend buying a bigger amount than what you think you’ll need.

Delicious but...

Since everything can’t have 5 stars, I give this four because of cranberry distribution. There are quite a few clumps of berries that don’t break apart easily, and some pours from the bag have a lot and some hardly have any. I haven’t decided yet whether I enjoy biting into a clump of 3 large dried cranberries. I think I’d prefer if they were all separate 😂

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Amina (Baltimore, US)

It’s so creamy and fresh!

Organic Maple Bark Candy
Amina (Baltimore, US)
It’s Maple Chocolate!

I have been on a quest to find maple sweetened fair trade chocolate and it’s so good.

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy
Constance A. (Charlotte Amalie, VI)
Super happy !

I am so happy to be able to purchase delicious quality maple products from the devoted team at Mansfield Maple. Their enthusiasm and commitment speak volumes when it comes to top notch choices paired with excellent customer service. I will continue to pick them when buying anything Maple !!!

Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

Perfect, just a slight taste of coffee in high quality maple syrup ! Delicious!
Roger Frey

Love it.


Bought for a gift after a vacation in Vermont. need to now hurry and get for myself

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup- Plastic Jug
Douglas D./. (Fort Myers, US)
Plastic vs glass

I only eat Mansfield maple I don’t taste any difference between the plastic and glass bottles it’s shipped to me in Florida so I prefer the plastic bottles because shippers aren’t always gentle

Organic Maple Bark Candy
FDH (Grants Pass, US)

Organic, chocolate, and maple - 3 things that make a most excellent taste trio! Can’t go wrong with/this combo!

Single Malt Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup
modern n. (Garden Grove, US)
should be a 10 gallon hat jub

more big glass bottle please, can't just get enough

Love 💕 maple and Mansfield products

These are the best, and this small group runs a very efficient shop with lovely customer service. I started on Amazon, but now I prefer to buy directly.