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Bliss in a Jar

I have always loved the Maple Sugar Candies and the Maple Syrup, but these Maple Cream would make Honey Bees jealous. It is absolutely heavenly. It is light and yet so flavorful. I drizzle it on my yogurt and also on ice cream. I have even drizzled it on toast. Bliss in a jar!

Organic maple sugar 1:1 with white cane sugar - An easy and delicious substitute!

We use the organic maple sugar as a substitute for white cane sugar in all our cooking. It's really easy to use because it's 1:1 with the white cane sugar in all the recipes. We especially love baking with the organic maple sugar. The organic maple sugar gives the pastry a really deep rich flavor (not maply), and everyone who eats our pastry raves about how delicious it is! People spend a lot of money for a good bottle of wine so why not spend a little extra money for really delicious sugar?

Tops for Vermont maple syrup gifts

I bless many from many states who do not live in my beloved Vermont with these special maple-leaf shaped containers filled with The Best maple syrup, & also tell them how it’s made. . They Love both the story & the syrup !

Counting on you

Dear friends, I’m a very old lady, well 86 anyway,
And the sad news is that my number one ´Maple Syrup consumer «  Up and left me! 100 years old my husband of 54 years in May 2022. So I’m giving my servings away as they come. Just a couple of days ago your product was passed on to younger people than I. And I hope they like it enough to come back for more. My dear young people, I do so much wish you well. You have an excellent product which I shall continue to share with my friends and to enjoy myself

The Best

I've been buying these products for many years and will continue to do so on a regular basis.


There is nothing like the Dark Robust maple syrup taste and experience. It is a uniquely wonderful product we have not found elsewhere and the price is fair.

Absolutely delicious

This is the best tasting maple syrup. Will definitely be purchasing more.

NonDirections or Information

When I received this, I assumed there would be some information with it. I didn't like the way it had separated with syrup kind of floating on top of what looked like icing! I hope that I did the right thing by refrigerating it as I was at a loss as to suggestions or instructions. Very disappointing.

Separation of the cream is completely normal because it’s made with only pure maple syrup and no added ingredients. You can simply stir the liquid back in, sort of like all natural nut butters.

We recommend refrigerating the cream upon receipt and keeping it refrigerated after each use. This will greatly increase the shelf life.

Sweet surprise!

As I was putting in my yearly order for my delicious maple syrup my son peeped over my shoulder and asked if this year we could add the maple leaf shaped candies. I was hesitant bc the last time I bought something similar it was dried out and just crumbled. He pouted and I caved, which was an absolute win!
This candy is beautifully shaped into maple leaves; it’s so incredibly delicious and just melts in your mouth, It’s hard to eat just one. Definitely will be adding these amazing treats to my order from now on!

Love using maple sugar for all my sugar needs

I use it for all of my sugar needs - it seems healthier to me, even though it is a pretty expensive way to go. I am grateful that I am able to purchase it in bulk!

great gift!

the 16oz package with cloth bag makes a great gift, and have bought several times - always good quality, fast shipping - thanks!


Just pure joy eating this….incredible quality and I will definitely return for more when the 1st order runs low.

Five Stars as Always

This was a reorder. I've been a customer for years. Mount Mansfield is my Go-To shop for stocking up on maple syrup. Bobby G.

Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy

This Maple Candy was a gift and my boyfriend who was the recipient, thought they were delicious. I liked them, too. Thank you for making such a wonderful candy.

Outstanding Customer Service

I placed an order right after Christmas, late at night. After the order was completed, I got an automated message saying that the store was closed through the holidays, and the package would ship on January 2nd.

I sent an email to customer service, explaining that the order was a gift for a longtime friend who is dying of cancer, and was craving a taste of home. (We grew up in Vermont.) I explained that time was of the essence, and asked if there was any way my order could be expedited. The next morning, I received an email saying that the candy was on its way to my friend's house. I was truly touched by that responsiveness and kindness.

An award winning combination of sweet and creamy

Love this combination! A perfect pairing of two of my favorites flavors, Mansfield maple and chocolate. Purchased the white chocolate one for my son who prefers it to dark chocolate and he was thrilled to open it up on Christmas morning. Fabulous, high quality product.

Annual Christmas Gift

My husband receives a box every year. I don't ever want to see his face when it isn't under the tree. He even shares which is nice of him. It is the best tasting maple candy I've ever had and I've tried a lot.

A favorite in our house.

Thanks to our son, we, eat a lot of pancakes, waffles, and homemade granola. We enjoy a tasty maple syrup and this always fits the bill. It lasts a long time and it always enjoyable. Not inexpensive however if you know how much sap has to be collected to make a single bottle of maple syrup, always happy to pay the cost.


My whole family loved these candies! Definitely a healthier choice too over other candies and sweets. We were very pleased with this product and will purchase again in the future. Thank you for creating your wonderful products!

No Complaints.

Maple Candy was a Christmas Gift, to someone who Loves Maple . He was Pleased.

Love this maple syrup

Being from Ny we have always used local but after having this syrup we will be lifetime customers. Best syrup you can buy...

Best gift ever!

I buy this maple sugar candy as gifts for my friends. It is of the highest quality and eagerly anticipated by my closest friends. It would not be the holidays without it. It also makes me feel even better to buy it from a small business.

Seriously addictive!

We love this maple syrup. Consistently delicious w/a heavenly taste.

Maple Sugar candy

I am very disappointed that the candy is stale and the expiration is only a few months left when I purchased the items.

Hello Diane,
We make our candy fresh every day and it usually ships within a week or less. Our candy does have a shorter shelf life because it is pure maple and doesn't contain any preservatives. I've reached out by email to see if we can resolve your issue.

Best Maple Sugar Candy Ever!

We have been buying this delicious, melt-in-your mouth, maple sugar candy for Christmas gifts for our family. They love receiving it and we love eating it!