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Allergen Statement:  All of our equipment used for pure maple products is dedicated to nut free production. However, we do not have a nut free facility. Employees are welcome to consume nuts in our break room, and we purchase and sell products that do contain nuts. The chocolate we source comes from facilities that also process tree nuts and dairy.

None of our products are made with gluten, however the Good News Granola is not produced with certified gluten free oats. The barrels used in the barrel aging process contained spirits which may have been distilled from gluten containing grains. While gluten is generally eliminated in the fermenting process, there may still be traces of gluten in the finished syrup. All of our syrup is bottled on shared equipment. However, the equipment is fully cleaned and sanitized between different products.

These statements are accurate to the best of our knowledge, however some of our products are partially produced or produced in other facilities. If your allergy is severe do not use this statement solely to determine if our products are safe for you. Due to the potential severity of food allergies, if there is any doubt at all, we encourage you to contact us for clarification and/or more information.