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The first thing you notice when visiting our Winooski, Vermont maple shop is the lovely smell of maple in the air.  It escapes from our kitchen into the halls and drifts on the breeze outside.  We cook every day to produce our pure maple goodies, and when not cooking, we're bottling, or experimenting with maple and chocolate. 

Our shop has about 14,000  square feet of warehousing, production and distribution where we produce our award winning confections and pack and ship to destinations all over the world.  We have ten full time employees who pour their hearts and souls into this place.  It is their enthusiasm that is the real secret to our success! 

Mansfield Maple wasn't always this busy though.  In 2009 when Chris founded the company there were no employees, or square footage, or anything really.  He had a small stockpile of maple syrup that represented his share of the family's maple syrup crop and that was it.  He decided to start a mail order business and bought a book on website programming.  It took two months of late-night coding to get something up and running on the internet.  It was a simple, no-frills website with maple syrup as the only offering.  That first month he made sixty dollars in sales and Mansfield Maple was in business.

Within a year and a half the business grew.  Chris and Lindsay bought a house and converted the entire lower level into a maple kitchen, where maple candy was developed and added to the website.  Within another year and a half, and with the business literally pushing them out of the house, they decided to take a huge leap and rent some space and hire an employee.  Since then Mansfield Maple has continued to grow, with the addition of more products and employees.  We've also branched out a little bit and found success in providing maple products to wholesale customers.  Now you can find us at specialty food shows across the country where we offer our amazing maple products to retailers, food manufacturers and restaurants.

There is really no secret to our success.  We provide exceptional products with unmatched customer service, over and over again.

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