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Mount Mansfield Maple Products works with a wide variety of wholesale buyers including retailers, distributors, food manufacturers, restaurants and group buyers. We're big enough that we can satisfy the needs of large national brands, yet small enough that we are extremely responsive to small businesses with low-volume needs. We have low order minimums as it is our goal to provide you with exceptional value regardless of your company size. We work with many companies who started out buying just a gallon or two of maple syrup and now order by the pallet! Your success inspires us and it is our goal to cultivate a long-lasting successful relationships with you and your company!

Food Shows

Mansfield Maple Fancy Food Show

Starting in 2017, Mansfield Maple has hit the road!  We now travel across the country to participate at food industry trade shows to showcase our amazing maple products to the specialty food industry.    We'd love to meet you in person, so be sure to visit our booth if you attend the following shows:

Summer Fancy Food Show- Manhattan

Good Food Mercantile Show- Brooklyn

Winter Fancy Food Show- San Francisco

Good Food Mercantile Show- San Francisco

As we continue to grow our brand you'll start to see us at more shows!  We're eyeing Natural Products Expo East as well as going international at Fancy Food Europe!

Check back for show listing and booth information. 


Mansfield Maple Retail Resellers
Our brand is retail ready and we offer a comprehensive list of products in both conventional and certified organic. We work with mom-and-pop size stores all the way up to national retailers. Our packaging is eye-catching and our brand stands out on a store shelf.

Products include:
  • Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
  • Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
  • Pure Maple Sugar Candy
  • Maple Drops Candy
  • Pure Maple Cream
  • Pure Granulated Maple Sugar
  • Pure Maple Flakes

Private labeling is available.

Food Manufacturers

Mansfield Maple Food Manufacturer Hudson Henry Baking Company
Need maple to produce your own amazing product? We take our maple as seriously as you take your own company's product, so you can be sure that the maple you use is held to the highest standards of quality. We strive to pack as much value into the maple we sell so you can count on getting a fair deal whether you are purchasing one gallon or a pallet-load. Additionally, we work with multiple freight carriers that handle both small parcel and LTL to find the most cost effective method of delivery.

Products include: 

  • Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
  • Pure Granulated Maple Sugar
  • Pure Maple Sugar Flakes

Restaurants and Food Service

Mansfield Maple Restaurant and Food Service
When we were kids, mom and dad would take us to the Maine coast every summer for a week at the beach.  We grew up with real maple syrup, and could not imagine using the fake stuff.  While on vacation we'd always end up at a pancake house and when the waitress wasn't looking mom would reach into her purse to pull out a jug of our real maple syrup.  We ship our syrup in bulk to restaurants all over the country who proudly serve real maple syrup to their patrons.  We offer cost effective containers that are easy for wait-staff to handle and flavor that will impress the heck out of your customers!

Products include: 

  • Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
  • Pure Granulated Maple Sugar
  • Pure Maple Sugar Flakes